10 February 2024

Rental Conditions

  1. Rental Period, 
  2. Inquiry, 
  3. Reservation, 
  4. Availability, 
  5. Rental Prices, 
  6. Occupancy Rate, 
  7. Security Deposit, 
  8. House Utilities, Housing Facilities, and Common Area Maintenance, 
  9. Property Utilities and Facilities, 
  10. House Services, 
  11. Property Services, 
  12. Rental Contract Forms. 

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1 — Rental Period

  1. Baan Sammi accepts reservations for both long-term stays (3 months to 3 years) and short-term stays (1–3 months).
  2. The minimum stay is 1 month for each house unless otherwise stated or an exception is granted. 
  3. Rental contracts of 1 year are the rule. Although shorter rental contracts are possible in principle, they are offered exceptionally.
  4. For certain houses, rent (lease) with extended rights, or usufruct, can be offered for 10, 15, 20, or 30 years; details are provided on request.

2 — Inquiry

  1. An inquiry or request for reservation of a house should be directed to Baan Sammi by email or contact form, not by phone call.

3 — Reservation

  1. Reservation terms and conditions
    The reservation takes effect when a pre-agreed amount (deposit for the reservation, amount negotiable, depending on arrival date and length of stay, usually at least 6,000 THB) has been transferred to the owner's account in THB to a bank account in Thailand, or in EUR to a bank account in the European Union (within 6 working days), or paid cash (e.g., during an inspection of the premises by the potential tenant before the initiation of the intended rent). Please note that a transfer fee may automatically be deducted from the transferred amount by a bank. Khun Sam will credit you the same amount that will be credited by the bank to the account of Baan Sammi. The deposit for the reservation will be refunded upon your arrival, or the amount of the first 1-month rent will be reduced accordingly, or the rental security deposit amount will be reduced accordingly. The deposit for the reservation will not be refunded if you cancel the reservation or have not appeared. The reservation will only be effective if you have made the deposit for the reservation within the agreed time limit. Baan Sammi usually maintains unpaid reservations, but reserves the right to change reservation dates of unpaid reservations only, or cancel the entire unpaid reservation with or without prior notice.
  2. Mode of payment offered by Baan Sammi
    Transfer to bank accounts (as described above), and cash; credit or debit cards are not accepted.
  3. When the reservation is agreed upon or a rental contract is issued with Baan Sammi, you will receive instructions by email for the bank transfer, including account details, in English, German, or Thai.
  4. A current tenant of a particular house in Baan Sammi may be granted the option of renting another house at a specified future date. Such an option is valid for a pre-determined period of time. If the option is not exercised within this period, it will be void. If the option is exercised, a rental agreement must be issued and signed immediately. Any option that has been granted automatically forfeits its validity 90 days before a specified date for a possible rental start.

4 — Availability

  1. Availability dates (for short-term and long-term stays): The dates of the current rental availability can be found on Chapter 1 in the blog Baan Sammi Nature Retreat. Updates are released within 24 hours, but usually within a few hours.

5 — Rental Prices

  1. The rental prices and and rental conditions vary depending on the type of house and length of stay, and only in some specific cases also on the number of people.
  2. Since early 2023, the rental prices and rental conditions have been stated for each house in the blog, SPECIAL RENTAL OFFERS. The prices therein are valid for the standard occupancy rate of 1–2 people. 
  3. The previous detailed Tables of Rental Rates are no longer valid.

6 — Occupancy Rate

  1. The occupancy rate is the number of people who can be accommodated overnight for a certain rental. 
  2. Standard occupancy is 1–2 people for all houses
  3. Maximum occupancy is 2 people for Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion (Moonlight Pavilion) and Lychee Lodge. 
  4. Maximum occupancy is 3 people for Dillenia Home. 
  5. Maximum occupancy is 4 people for Plumeria Home. 
  6. The rentals and the property of Baan Sammi are generally not suitable to accommodate children below the age of 8 years. Khun Sam can grant exceptions but does not acknowledge any responsibility for the child. A camp bed can be supplied for a child (up to 12 years of age), but not a crib.

7 — Security Deposit

  1. The amount of the refundable security deposit usually equals 1 month's rent.
  2. If a security deposit is required, the full amount is due on the 1st day of stay when handing over the keys of the house. 
  3. The security deposit can be waived if the full rent or more than two-thirds of the rent for the entire rental period is paid in advance.
  4. If the house has exceptionally been rented through an agent, different agreements apply for the security deposit and the first rent payment. 

8 — House Utilities, Housing Facilities, and Common Area Maintenance

  1. House utilities and services (private) and community area maintenance (CAM) are mainly the following:
    Electricity (private consumption), electricity (CAM), gas tank rental, gas tank refill, community tap water (for bathroom, kitchen), community irrigation water (for watering plants), Internet (WiFi, LAN, or both, private or shared), bedding, bedding change, towel, towel change, room cleaning, final room cleaning, private garden cleaning, gardener service, community garden maintenance, air-conditioning maintenance, garbage collection, septic tank and effluence maintenance, exterior pest control, parking space (for bicycles, motorbikes, cars), property caretaker, property tax.
  2. House utilities, services, and community area maintenance may be free and therefore considered as included in the rental price, or, they may be optional and free, or optional and paid extra, if required, or, they may be mandatory and thus subject to a charge.
  3. Electricity (private) is mandatory and to be charged extra (monthly bill according to the PEA – Provincial Electricity Authority). With the reading of the electricity meters arranged by the PEA authority on the 14th, 15th, or 16th of each month, the PEA electricity bill is issued individually for each house. The landlord receives the PEA electricity bills. The tenant can view his PEA electricity bill, or a photo of the PEA electricity bill will be sent to the tenant online. Payment by the tenant is made retrospectively to the landlord's bank account or in cash upon presentation of the PEA electricity bill. Since all PEA electricity bills are paid by direct debit orders initiated by the landlord, there is no provision for the tenant to pay the PEA electricity bill directly to PEA.
    Voltage is 220 V throughout the property. 
  4. Gas (private) is optional or mandatory (applies only to certain rentals), and to be charged extra.
    Gas tank 15 kg net weight, 15 kg filling weight, gross weight 30 kg. Gas is needed for the flow water heater of the shower, and/or for the cooking stove in certain rentals.
  5. Water (private) means village tap water (also called community tap water or governmental tap water, which is drinkable): Free (for the tenants). The village tap water bill is issued monthly by the local authorities and paid by the landlord. If the total water bill does not exceed a certain, expected average amount, a prorated amount will not be charged to the tenants. This assumes that tap water is only used as follows: in the kitchen for food preparation and cleaning, for drinking, for showering, for washing laundry, and for cleaning work in buildings.
    The village tap water should not be used to water plants, wash bicycles, motorcycles, or cars, or sprinkle paths and other open areas. A tenant who uses the village tap water for one of these unintended purposes should voluntarily contribute to the tap water bill.
    If a tap in the house or private garden was forgotten to turn off and water flowed out over a relatively long time, the responsible tenant will also be asked to voluntarily contribute to the tap water bill.
    For other types of water, e.g., for plant irrigation and bottled drinking water, please see Chapter 19 of the House Manual
  6. Internet (CAM): WiFi, download ≤50 Mb/s, upload ≤40 Mb/s: Unlimited download and upload. Free. For details, please see the House Manual (Chapters 3 and 4). 
  7. Bedding (private) (bed sheet, blankets, pillow with pillowcase): Short-term rent: 1 set per bed provided free of charge. Long-term rent: Available and free for the first month of your stay, thereafter available at cost price, or use your own sets. 
  8. Towels (private) (bath towel, hand towel): Short-term rent: 2 sets per person provided free of charge. Long-term rent: Available and free for the first month of your stay, thereafter available at cost price, or use your own sets.
  9. Foldable camp bed (private), e.g., for a child staying overnight: Free of charge.
  10. Foldable garden armchair, or garden lounger (private): Free of charge. There are two types of loungers, one of them is actually the same as the aforementioned camp bed.
  11. Parasols: Currently, there are only 2 parasols available on request (1 per house). They are offered free of charge.
  12. Room safe (private): There are built-in room safes in three houses. If you wish to use a room safe, please inquire.
  13. Laptop-friendly workspace (private): A table or desk with space for a laptop and utensils, an office chair with wheels and adjustable height, or another chair that is comfortable to work in. On request (preferably before booking), each of the houses to be rented can be equipped with such a workspace: subject of negotiation.
  14. Other stuff (private) such as essential (basic) furniture, equipment, and utensils: All rental houses are currently offered furnished and equipped. For special equip­ment and utensils, but also basic ones, please inquire before renting whether these are available or can be provided. A possible minor change of furniture, e.g., the temporary provision of an additional table or chair can usually be offered.
  15. Shared stuff (private): Some movable stuff that is usually not of daily usage can be made available to guests/tenants staying in different homes. In this case, such shared stuff has a permanent storage location and has to be put back in the same location by guests/tenants after use. Such share stuff is usually free of charge.
  16. Kitchen stuff (private): All basic or essential kitchen stuff (e.g., hot plate, hot water kettle, refrigerator) will be provided free of charge for short-term rent and long-term rent. Usually, groceries will not be provided, or common groceries like sugar, salt, pepper, and kitchen cleaning supplies can be provided at cost price.
  17. Special kitchen stuff (private) is, for example, a microwave oven, countertop blender, hand-held immersion blender, juicer, coffee machine, toaster, rice cooker, electronic kitchen scale, and electric barbecue. If you need special kitchen stuff, please, inquire in advance (a few days before your arrival) to find out if the requested stuff is available or can be supplied. Often, special kitchen stuff can be supplied and some are without charge.
  18. Bathroom stuff (private): Upon your arrival, you will find in your bathroom complimentary soap, shampoo, and toilet paper. An electric hair dryer, a body weight scale, and a shower chair may be provided on request.
  19. Laundry stuff: There is a washing machine in each house. Common outdoor laundry rods (35 m = 115 ft long) consisting of bamboo poles are located on the right side of the driveway, halfway from the main entrance gate. Private outdoor laundry rods consisting of bamboo poles are at the Khilek Pavilion, Chom Doi Pavilion, and the Clerodendrum Chalets. A foldable laundry rack may be provided.
  20. Room cleaning tools: For private use, room cleaning equipment is available in every house. At least one broom with fine bristles and a dustpan are permanently available, as well as one broom with coarse bristles for outdoor use. Other tools: Mob and bucket. Cleaning supplies (which will be used up quickly such as liquids and cleaning cloths) are available at a cost price.
  21. Missing items: If you would like to have specific items, or you are missing certain items, please, contact Khun Sam and he will check if they are available or can be supplied from other sources, and if they are free or made available at a cost price. Usually, groceries and other consumable items are supplied at a cost price, provided they are requested and available or can be made available within a few days.
  22. Damaged items: If any item has been damaged by the tenant or his guests, Khun Sam expects, as a matter of course, that the damage will be communicated to him immediately and will be remedied by the tenant. Depending on the damaged item, the damage can be remedied by repair, replacement, or payment. In the case of repair or replacement, Khun Sam can tell you where to get a repair service or where to buy the items best.
    If the damage to an item is not caused by a person but is due to normal wear and tear, Khun Sam will usually repair or replace the item, provided that the item is inevitably required by the tenant. A replace­ment of a damaged object (with a purchase price of more than 1,000 Baht) can usually be carried out by means of a previous repurchase agreement: the tenant buys and pays an item (a previously agreed item within a certain range of the sale price at a particular shop) and at the end of the tenant's rental period, Khun Sam will repurchase this item from the tenant.
  23. Items no longer provided: Due to frequent misuse and damage, the following items will no longer be supplied as new items. On request and if available, existing old items can still be provided and used. New items are not purchased, but the tenant may buy the items and will be granted the opportunity to issue in advance a repurchase agreement between the tenant and the landlord.
    • Rattan easy chair, rattan chair
    • Office chair
    • Foldable cloth rack
    • DVD player and HiFi equipment
  24. .

9 — Property Utilities and Facilities

  1. Drinking water: Tenants and guests have several options to receive drinking water (from taps or bottles). However, Khun Sam does not take responsibility for the purification grade or type of water quality, neither for the supplied bottled water nor for the supplied tap water from the village. Please read the chapter "Water" in the House Manual.
  2. Bicycles are usually not available from Baan Sammi; you can rent or buy a bicycle in the city, see blog Transportation.
  3. Motorbikes are not available for rent from Baan Sammi; you can rent a motorbike or scooter in the city (or a scooter through a nearby company, with delivery to Baan Sammi), see blog Transportation.
  4. Phone calls: Mobile phone signal from many providers is strong and accessible throughout the property, vicinity and district. A prepaid ­phone card can be obtained from many shops in the city of Chiang Mai, or in the district village.
  5. Internet connection (WLAN, WiFi): Throughout the property of Baan Sammi. There are different access points. For details, e.g., location of access points, and passwords, please see the House Manual. Long-term tenants can apply for private LAN.
  6. Swimming and boating: The large pond, 22 ft (7 m) deep, can be used for swimm­ing and boat­ing, both free of charge. The boat is unsinkable, paddles are available. Access to the pond is by stair case docks only. For details, please, see the House Manual.
  7. Barbecue: Mobile terracotta charcoal grills are available to tenants. These barbecues are not allowed inside the houses but only in the garden and not near or under wooden houses or next to dry vegetation. Their use is free. There is also a permanent barbecue at the community seating area near the Clerodendrum Chalets, which is free to use.
  8. Pets, living on the property of Baan Sammi: Currently, the property inhabits several cats and one medium-sized dog. They are not aggressive. They live within the property but strictly outdoors. They are not allowed to stay in any room or house. Children may play with the cats, or feed them, but must restrain from approaching other animals including the dog.
  9. Pets from guests: Guests wishing to bring their own pets (dogs or cats) are requested to contact Khun Sam well in advance for a proper assessment of pet behavior and socialization and for a possible special pet arrangement to agree. However, in all cases when bringing an additional dog, there have been problems with existing pets, so Khun Sam generally tends to refuse to accept an additional dog.
  10. Storage of bulky goods: A storage hut can be used, usually at no extra cost, for storage of bulky goods like suit­cases, trunks, and sports equipment.
  11. Parking space for car and motorbike: Within the property, parking space for 1 car or 1 motorbike is free. Parking space for a car is on the community driveway and is not roofed. If a roofed carport is available and required, an extra fee may appy (the fee has been waived since the outbreak of the corona pandemic). Parking spaces for motorbikes or bicycles are roofed. The tenant or guest has to agree that Baan Sammi does not accept any liability for damages on vehicles caused beyond Khun Sam's control (force majeure), for example, caused by wind gusts, storms, or thunderstorms. Damage may occur from falling trees or tree branches, or roofing tiles of the carport.
  12. In good time before a storm begins, a vehicle should not remain in the carport but rather be moved to a safer place that is not at risk from tall trees or bamboo, for example, on certain sections of the driveway, but also on the side of the public street, i.e., outside of the property. Weather forecasts are obtainable from a gadget on the sidebar of several blogs, or from a separate weather app. Storms are to be expected, especially at the end of the hot season and the beginning of the rainy season (March, April, May).

10 — House Services

  1. Khun Sam offers (furnished) houses for monthly rent, but he does not run a hotel, guesthouse, or serviced apartment, therefore please do not expect types of services that are standard in hotels, guesthouses, and serviced apartments
  2. However, if you require specific services, Khun Sam can assist you to arrange and get such services from external sources, e.g., house cleaning, laundry services, transport services, and delivery services. Such services are optional and are to be paid directly to the supplier, not to Khun Sam. 
  3. If you don't require such services, you have always the option "self-service", for example, every house is equipped with or has access to room cleaning stuff (broom, vacuum cleaner, mob, etc.), laundry stuff (washing machine, clothes horse, iron, ironing board), and there is private and public means of transportation available, and external delivery services. 
  4. Bedding change, towel change, and room cleaning: At the tenant's discretion (for both short-term and long-term rent). On request, Khun Sam can arrange for you an external (e.g., weekly) maid service for cloth washing and room cleaning.
  5. Final room cleaning: Free, if not otherwise stated. The tenant is requested to sweep the rooms with a broom and throw solid garbage in proper garbage bins at the garbage disposal hut before leaving the rented premises.
  6. Breakfast and meals: Khun Sam does not run a restaurant, hence he cannot supply breakfast and meals. Nearby Thai restaurants and other shops are pinned on a map that shows the vicinity of Baan Sammi.
  7. Foodstuff: It may happen that sometimes a certain foodstuff is missing in your kitchen. Khun Sam would be happy to supply the missing stuff if it is present in his kitchen. Usually, rice, noodles, eggs, vegetables, garlic, chili, and other spices are kept stored. You may take it, pay an equivalent amount, or replace it with similar stuff later.
  8. Other stuff: Similar to the aforementioned foodstuff, other stuff, if commonly stored in Khun Sam's household, can be supplied, e.g., washing powder, softener, toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and shampoo, toilet paper, disposable razor. Upon your arrival, you will find in your bathroom complimentary soap, shampoo, and toilet paper. When this material is used up during your stay and you need additional ones, the new material should be obtained at your expense.

11 — Property Services

  1. Laundry service: On request, iron and ironing board are temporarily provided free of charge. Small packs of washing powder and softener are avail­able for sale. Further, an external laundry and cloth ironing service can be offered at a charge. A new clothes horse will no longer be provided, but there are old clothes horses available, and the outdoor clothes rods (35 m = 115 ft long) in the community garden can also be used free of charge. 
  2. Gardener's service for privately used garden spaces: This service chiefly comprises sweeping terraces and walkways, and water­ing garden plants and pot plants. This service is free of charge for short-term tenants only. For long-term tenants, sweeping and watering is at the tenant's discretion, and if requested, this service can be offered at a charge. 
  3. Pick-up and transfer service from/to the airport, bus or train station, or specified meeting points: These services can be provided by external sources at a charge, and Khun Sam can assist you to order and get these services. Please, read on possibilities and options for Public and Private Transportation in Chiang Mai.
  4. Delivery service: Groceries, meals, and other goods may be delivered to Baan Sammi by an external delivery service, and Khun Sam can assist you in ordering and receiving these services. See Delivery Services for more information. Instructions for selecting the correct delivery address can be found in the separate information, Thai Address.

12 — Rental Contract Forms and Standard Rental Contract Terms

  1. Prospective tenants can view the template of the Housing Rental Contract before signing the contract.
  2. Please read the individual clauses carefully. If you would like to make substantial suggestions for changes, please provide a brief justification in addition to the text suggestion.
  3. Upon request, we can also offer other proven rental agreement forms, for example, a bilingual one in Thai and English, as well as a trilingual one in Thai, English, and German.


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